Meet Diana - Award-winning Producer
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A multi-skilled and talented creative producer/director known for my work on award-winning documentary programmes tackling sensitive topics within hostile environments around the world.

I produce, direct, film, speak 5 languages and operate a drone. I have worked with the industry’s leading production companies, creating programmes for the BBC, Netflix, Discovery US, National Geographic, Channel 4, as well as branded content for PUMA, Adidas, Nike and Red Bull. 

Follow me while I follow my destiny.

Diana Might
Producer / Director, Levison Wood: From Russia to Iran, Channel 4, UK

Trailer:  Levison Wood

• Developed, casted, produced and co-directed 4-part prime time adventure series

• Went on location for a 4-week expedition in the Northern Caucasus and Azerbaijan 

• Negotiated filming with the Russian Civil Defence and gained access to remote ethnic minorities in the Greater Caucasus 

• Negotiated unprecedneted access in Chechnya, Southern Ingushetia and Dagestan

• Filmed as a second camera and operated a drone

• Climbed on top of Elbrus - highest peak in Europe

Diana Might
Drone Reel 2016

places I've been to and filmed for work and for fun during my travels across South America in 2016

all shot on my Phantom 3 Pro

Diana Might
Field Producer, This World: Russian Football Hooligans, BBC 2

• Developed, casted and produced a 55 min doc on Russian football hooliganism

• Gained exclusive access to top Russian football firms and hooligans, closely following their lives 

• Filmed a highly secretive forest fight

• Developed and directed a few intimate stories with young fighters and hooligans

• Explored the idea of the new Russian men and their definition of masculinity

Diana Might
Producer, Reggie Yates: Insider, Keo Films, BBC 3

• Developed and commissioned 2 x 45 min episodes

• Negotiated unprecedented access with Texas Jail and the Mexican Army

• Produced and maintained sensitive access with the Mexican Army on location

• Followed soldiers lives for 5 consecutive filming days

• Participated in dangerous military missions such as destruction of a poppy seed plantation in the land of cartels

• Directed and operated drones


National Television Awards 2017

Best Factual Entertainment Programme

Diana Might
Producer/Director, URBEX : Enter at Your Own Risk, Keo Films, Red Bull TV

• Developed, commissioned, casted, produced and co-directed 8-part original series on urban exploration for Red Bull TV

• Gained access to a very niche and secretive subculture, casting and contracting some of the world’s top urban explorers

• Filmed in 7 of the world’s most high profile capital cities, tightly collaborating with local fixers

• Worked under a lot of pressure and in high secrecy, constantly checking in with the legal team back in the office

• Worked in a completely new format filming in 4K and using 360 rigs

• Directed multiple crews including DOP and a drone team

• Overlooked the edit

• Battled a fear of heights



Diana Might
Field Producer, Reggie Yates: Extreme Russia, Sundog Pictures, BBC3

• Worked on two of the three 55 min episodes of the show

• Found contributors and built relationships to gain access into the Russian nationalist subculture

• Co-directed and shaped the storyline of the show

• Provided essential editorial and linguistic support to the Director


Broadcast Awards 2016                                                                             Edinburgh TV Awards 2016

Best Multichannel Programme                                                                       Best Factual Programme



Diana Might
Story AsSISTANT Producer, Siberian Cut, Raw TV, Discovery US

Trailer: Siberian Cut

• Followed a new Discovery primetime TV series from conception and development to post-production

• Provided essential assistance to the Executives on the ground, developing Russian storyline

• Closely worked with Russian and American contributors and locals

• Assisted PD teams, providing support in directing, translating and managing contributors

Diana Might